Business Continuity is a very crucial aspect of business development.

This involves all the steps that go into ensuring that in the event of an emergency or disaster, your organization’s core functions will continue to run with the least hindrance or downtime. Our business continuity and disaster recovery services are designed to put in place measures and strategies to ensure that your organization’s vital information and critical systems and processes are impacted in the least possible manner.

With our Business Continuity and Data Recovery Services, we assist you in developing strategies which help you;

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Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services Include


Overall Business and Organizational Analysis

We use our proven processes specifically designed to find all the gaps in your existing plan and strategy.



Exhaustive Assessment and Testing

Our assessments are comprehensive and detailed enough to unravel every flaw in your setup and data recovery measures. We also run tests based on simulations of real world events to ascertain the functioning of the backup services and processes and to also that recovery times and recovery teams are clearly outlined in the Disaster Recovery plan.



Advisory and Guidance

We advise on and recommend the best of strategies for your Business continuity and data recovery measures that will allow your organization to be able to continue its critical business operations even in the moments of emergency.


Disaster Recovery Essentials

We put in a lot of research, planning and testing to ensure that your business continuity and disaster recovery strategies and plans meet your specific business needs and requirements. We factor in the recovery time objectives, that are meant to ensure that your organization that doesn’t suffer a blow to its productivity.

We also put in place a Disaster Recovery Manual that clearly outlines the processes to be followed, the communication channels with stakeholders, and who is in charge of getting systems back online and within time frames. This ensure that there is a laid down process that needs to be followed.
A Comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Strategy is essential in managing your organization’s risks. IT-Disaster-Recovery Partnering with Liranz for your IT Infrastructure Management allows you enjoy the following advantages:

No Downtime for your core business systems

Rapid Response to support challenges

Use of Modern processes and tools for services

Augment your
in-house skill level

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