Outsourcing is becoming very popular in the business world today because of the numerous benefits that come with it. Outsourcing allows businesses to get expert services at a cheaper rate than if those services were delivered in-house.

Outsourcing also allows businesses to scale their operations without having to invest heavily in technology.

There are a lot of IT outsourcing firms globally that provide different services to help businesses grow and save costs on technology. Before you make a decision to hire an outsourcing firm there are a few things you need to do or look out for:

Start with a need

The first thing to be sure of before contacting an outsourcing firm is to be very sure that your business needs their service.

Need assessment makes you understand the scope of the work to be done and gives you surety that it makes more cost and business sense for it to be done by an outsourced firm than getting it done in-house. A clear understanding of your business need and how you think it could be solved actually helps you to identify the right partner and also helps you clearly communicate your expectations to the outsourcing firm.

If you are not sure you need a service, then you probably need to spend a little more time to understand that aspect of your business that you are considering outsourcing and the value that outsourcing will bring to your business. The goal is to be very specific with your need so you don’t hire wrong.

Check their track record

One of the best ways of assessing what a business is capable of doing is looking at what it has done in the past. You should be interested in knowing the track record of the company you are hiring for because this gives you a good idea of what they can do for your business.

Kindly note that in doing this you are looking out for their capacity to deliver value and results to your business because outsourcing your operations must be result-oriented and value-driven. The good thing is, every business has a track record but it is up to you to determine if you would want a similar record with them.

Consider reputation

Reputation is something everything business has and it can either be a good one or a bad one. Consider the reputation of the outsourcing firm you are hiring. What are they known for in their industry, have they been recognized or achieved any heights in the industry, what are customers saying about them and what do you think about them. These are few boxes you should tick in trying to find out the reputation of the business you are considering hiring. Hiring a company with a good reputation makes you build trust in their capacity to deliver value and support your business the right way. Once you are convinced about their reputation then you may proceed to make a contact with them.

Go for partnership

Hiring an outsourcing firm is not just a transactional deal, it is a relationship you starting with another firm. Partners have a keen interest in the business and do everything possible to ensure the business is growing and scaling. You will know a business is a great partner once you realize that they have a high sense of interest in helping your business grow, the partnership must be flexible to your business operations and the service must be delivered within your budget and saves you cost.

Closing the deal

In closing the deal, you should be very much convinced that you have a need that requires an expert partner, consider the experience and expertise of the outsourcing firm, check their track record, look out for their industry and business reputation and sign a deal with a partner. When you are able to do these few things right you are sure to hire the perfect outsourcing partner for your business.

The Liranz advantage

At Liranz consulting, we have a unique approach to outsourcing, IT support and consulting. We do not only rely on our deep industry experience, expertise and reputation but we rely more on our ability to help businesses redefine their operations, save cost, get ahead of the competition and achieve operational excellence using technology. We understand the capabilities that allow your business to grow.

Reach for expertise and experience

Now you know you have a need to outsource some aspect of your business to a third party to manage. The next thing you should be doing is researching and looking out for potential partners that could help you with your specific business need.

It is important that in looking out for these companies you put key prominence on their level of experience and expertise. This may include their technical expertise, skillset, and technologies they work with.

You also would be interested in knowing the kind of projects and core services that they have delivered for similar companies like you and analyzing their level of professionalism and how they deliver results. Outsourcing will cost your business money and so it is very important to ensure that the firm your hire is much more competent in their area of expertise and brings you more value than having an in-house team.