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Knowing you need to start a digital transformation for your company is the first step to the process. That does not guarantee that you have the expertise and skills to evolve fully your organization into fully benefitting from the technological advancements.

We at Liranz, are strategically positioned to guide your organization right from the planning to the implementation and subsequent technology support. We help your optimize your IT and Core business operations to with the aim of providing you and your customers the deserved satisfaction with your brand.

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Service Desk Management

We help you manage and run your service desk to help provide around the clock support to your customers and employees alike.

IT Service Management

Transform and organize your IT processes to match the modern day business’s technology requirements. We help create a mutually beneficial bond between your traditional IT practices, current industry standards ad your business’s operations.

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IT Asset Management

We take burden of managing you IT Assets from you so you can focus on your business delivery. IT Asset Management is very crucial as it helps remove redundancies in your workflow and maximizes asset utilization.

IT Operations Management

Allow us at Liranz manage your IT Operations and resources, on-site and remote, for your organization and watch the efficiency and functionality of your IT Operations skyrocket.

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Managed IT Services

Have access to a fully packaged set of services that are bound to transform your Business and Service delivery completely.

Field Service Management

Our expertise with fieldwork management and collaboration is bound to bring a fresh feel to your field staff. Building teamwork and maintaining the connection between your organization and its clients, irrespective of location is vital to your business growth.

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Emergency Response Management

Emergencies are bound to happen. Knowing who to contact and the steps to be taken in specific emergencies could be the difference between customer loyalty and disloyalty.

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