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Liranz Limited’s solutions consultants have 10 collective years of substantial experience in building, deploying, and supporting organizations with business solutions that add a dynamic approach to their business processes. We have the expertise and tools to design solutions that meet your organization’s specific business requirements and to integrate them with a broad spectrum of applications and application platforms.

We implement effective enterprise applications that simplify your core business process and raise productivity and efficiency to higher levels.


Nicholas Bortey

Chief Executive Officer
Lead Consultant – Cloud Computing

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Microsoft 365 Solutions

Office 365 implementation services are offered by our solutions Team to synchronize your enterprise productivity solutions onto one platform. We have successfully migrated several organizations onto the MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 including all its features – OFFICE, TEAMS, SKYPE FOR BUSINESS, SHAREPOINT, EXCHANGE, SKYPE, and YAMMER FOR BUSINESS and RELEVANT WEB APPS to deliver productive outcomes.

We combine a strong understanding of the Microsoft Azure platform with our own home grown cloud adoption models to ensure a well-planned and tailor made Office 365 implementation strategy customized to your business.

Google Applications

Google Workspace is an integrated workspace that’s simple to use and has become even more relevant in recent times with the advent dynamic and blended working environments. This platform lets your team spend less time managing your work and more time actually doing it.

It provides intelligent and collaborative solutions that are bound to raise productivity, improve on security and enhance flexibility by conveniently consolidating apps in one place


SAP Business Solutions

The SAP Business One software solution is a one stop complete solution for integrating various business functions into one core application for the whole organization. Some of this business functions include financial management, purchasing, sales, distribution, customer service management (CRM), inventory management, production, project management and field services.

This solution is meant to streamline and integrate all aspects of your business process, which means that more work can been done in relatively shorter amount of time.

This becomes a single sign on portal and eliminates the need for separate point solutions and the complicated integration of several modules.  It can be operated on premise or in the cloud.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new definition of machine learning human operations and executing them smoothly and efficiently. This field seeks to make machines more intelligent; empower them to understand human requests, observe routine human operations and draw conclusions based on the observed actions and gathered information.

They can reason, observe and plan. Our AI/ML solutions give business users of varying skill levels to create machine learning models that can predict and forecast possible outcomes, which would inform your decision making and goal setting without complex technology or infrastructure.

Benefits of using our IT Staffing Solutions Service:

Our IT Staffing solutions are set up in a manner that allows us to facilitate both short and long term staffing requirements. Depending on your current needs, we are poised to deliver the desired results. We help you to bring in senior level professionals to fill specific IT roles.

We help ensure that all your organization’s cloud platforms, services, infrastructures, and software have the necessary safety features and safeguards configured and monitored to ensure that you are well protected and secure.

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Ideal Candidates for your vacancies

We help you get the perfect fit for your business needs and requirements


You reduce your hiring time

Since you leave most of the work, like the market search and preliminary interviews, to us, you save time that can be used to serve other operational purposes.

Enhanced Staff Retention

With us involved in recruiting, we also help with staff training which gives staff higher level of satisfaction, resulting in increased retention rates.

Highly skilled, qualified and certified recruits

We ensure that all candidates recommended to your organization are of the highest caliber in skills and qualifications.

Freedom to scale up or down

Using our IT Staff augmentation services allows you to freely scale up down, knowing that we our services can cater for both short and long term requirements.



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Infrastructure & Communications

Our IT infrastructure management strategy and solutions has helped companies to make themselves more effective by realigning technology to their business goals to improve the overall customer experience.


We are constantly improving and innovating ways of delivering value to our customers. Our IT consulting services will help you choose the right technologies that suit your business and set a clear roadmap on implementation strategy, and as well help you with implementation.