IT audit is becoming increasingly involved to ensure that IT implementation does not create unacceptable risks to the businesses.

Refers to an organization officially inspecting its policies, operations, and IT infrastructures. This actually helps determine whether the IT controls protect corporate assets, ensure data integrity, and are aligned with the business’s overall goals.

Gives assurances that the IT systems are adequately protected, provide reliable information to users, and are properly managed to achieve their intended benefits.

As a business, do you audit your IT? If yes, who is auditing your IT?
If no, here are some things to do before you plan an IT audit.

To plan an IT audit, one needs to appreciate the IT environment, understand IT risk, and as well pinpoint the resources required to carry out the work. An appreciation of the IT environment means an understanding of the internal IT procedures and operations of the subject under review.

IT Audit

Without this basic understanding, it is likely that audit work will be misdirected, raising the risk of drawing unsuitable or incorrect conclusions. these days most IT auditors apply the risk-based approach to planning and performing their work.

This involves identifying the most important risks, linking these to control objectives, and identifying specific controls to mitigate these risks. In this respect, IT auditing standards/guidelines may be used by the IT Auditor to identify or advise on controls that will reduce the risks identified to an acceptable level.

The last important part of the audit planning is to assess the amount of work involved including the need for specialist expertise.

With the timing and availability of suitable IT audit human resources typically being a challenge, getting this step right should result in higher quality and lower cost audit work.

Having defined the controls which are expected to be in place, the IT Auditor will gather the evidence to determine whether the stated controls are designed and operating effectively.

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