We transform your business operations with our unmatched IT consulting Experiences. The business landscape today requires a high level of investment to stay afloat of the competition today.

To be a top performer in the business environment, you need to recognize the critical role of infrastructure in your IT setup and make it a top priority to innovate on the fly.

Liranz Limited collaborates with businesses to offer them IT outsourcing services to help them reduce costs and gain efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. We catalyze your growth and empower you to stay afloat in the competition.

For our clients, we provide tailored IT outsourcing solutions for their business model. We cover your technology tracks whiles you focus on your core business.

Collaborating with us for your IT Outsourcing services ensures that you are partnered with a company that commits to a high level and quality of service delivery.

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We offer various levels of IT Outsourcing services

IT Strategy

We have a team of professionals ready to help you plan and decide on the best course of action for the maintenance and development of your IT environment and infrastructure.

This allows your organization to be at the best level of performance.

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Applications Development

You can completely outsource your application development needs to us, since we guarantee that all application and software solutions are tailored and customized to meet your unique and specific business requirements.

IT Help Desk and Technical Support

We provide the best IT Technical Support services in the country. Our team is dedicated to a timely, reliable, and professional delivery of our support services.
They are highly skilled, experienced, and highly adaptable to understand your IT Systems and fit seamlessly into your system. help_desk project_delivery

Project Delivery

We have a wealth of experience and expertise when it comes to project delivery. With our seasoned project managers and expert systems analysts, your project has never been in safer hands than with us.

Systems Integration

We offer a full scope of system integration services with security as a necessary element. This allows all the systems within your network to work very completely well together.

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IT Resources

With our wide range of IT resources on offer, you have access to the highest quality of IT Hardware, Applications, management and maintenance resources, ensuring that your business operations and IT Operations and processes are running smoothly.

We boast of a Proven Record of Accomplishment, and we have worked our way to become Ghana’s top IT Outsourcing Service provider. We have the right tools, team members, and expertise to be your complete IT department.

Partnering with Liranz for your IT Infrastructure Management allows you enjoy the following advantages:

No Downtime for your core business systems

Rapid Response to support challenges

Use of Modern processes and tools for services

Augment your
in-house skill level

Stop IT Issues from Holding Your Business Back from Growth

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