Taking steps to ensure the safety of your business, its processes, people and technology is a critical requirement that should be handled with high priority if your business should be sustainable

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Relying on our IT Security Services enables you to:


Our IT Security Services and Cyber Security Solutions include

Intrusion Detection

We help you put in place threat and intrusion detection measures to concurrently identify and detect malicious activities within your organization’s network and systems and monitoring them to ensure efficient and vulnerability-free running of systems. On detection, alerts art sent to the designated team to take immediate resolution measures.

With our services, you’re guaranteed everyday protection on your organization’s critical and vital resources and systems, resulting in improved business continuity and sustainability.

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Security Awareness Training

Having your staff abreast with current trends and development in cyber threats and techniques also ensures that your own employees do not unintentionally put your business resources, date, networks and systems at risk. With our security awareness training service, we help you;

Practices and Controls Assessment

We identify and analyze the gaps between the current state of your organizations IT Security as against the industry standards and best practices.

We also help ensure that your security practices are in line with your organizational goals and objectives, then go ahead to examine the effectives of the identified security practices and protocols.

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Vulnerability Assessment

We run a number of scans and also perform various analysis to unravel all vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited and used against your organizational setup. Some of the security scans we perform include (but not limited to…);

Penetration Testing

We run simulations aimed at testing your systems and networks to unearth vulnerabilities within. This allows you to take preemptive measures to ensure to mitigate the identified vulnerabilities as you are able to know your weakness and address them accordingly.

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Managed IT Security Service

>> Our managed IT Security services include:

We also perform IT Security Consulting Services for your organizations. Our IT Security consulting services are aimed at putting your risk level into perspective and advising on the ideal step and measures to beef up your security accordingly. We offer the following services under our IT Security consulting Service package;

Security Assessments and Implementation

We perform a thorough and in-depth assessment of all your organization’s critical and relevant systems from the angle of overall security. With our team of security experts that are highly knowledgeable in the currents threats and measures, you will have access to vital insight of IT Security and what they mean to your organization.

 IT Security Audits and Reports

We perform and conduct complete audit of your security systems in order to provide you with well documented reports on the state of your systems and networks security, along with recommendations and guidelines on how to implement the recommended security measures, all based on the findings of the audit. As the threats in IT Security keeps evolving, so do your security measures need to evolve. IT Security threats continuously evolve, which means your measures also need to adapt newer and more advanced technologies in order to keep up with the threats. Using and relying on IT protocols and tools without revision and updates, leaves you completely exposed to even more sophisticated threats that can result in crippling losses and damages.
IT Security is not a once-and-done activity, but a continuous and every evolving process.
Partner with us today so that we help you secure your business landscape.

Benefits of our IT Security Services:


Reduced Cost

Since you do not need to permanently employ an IT Security staff, you reduce your staffing expenses.

Increased and Uninterrupted Productivity and Resource Efficiency

Our IT Security Services ensures that your team can make efficient use of their time and organization’s resources since they don’t have to spend time on network and security monitoring.

Access to Latest Security Measures

As IT security threats keep getting more and more complex, we hook you up with latest and up to date security measures and protocols in order to ensure security of your networks and systems at all times.



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