The aviation industry is by far one the largest industries which heavily relies on IT infrastructure to thrive, from passenger bookings to check-ins to luggage checkouts; Information Technology plays an instrumental role in making these processes a resilient one.

With customer experience as a key differentiator in the aviation industry, airlines must ensure that their processes are robust and resilient enough to deliver superior experience to customers.

Liranz IT solutions for the aerospace and aviation industry is tailored to ensure that industry players in aviation meet the customized expectations of clients whiles they innovatively prepare for the future. We do this by the careful implementation of our tailor made solutions based on the need of the customer.

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Our Aerospace & Aviation Expertise

You can count on our expert team of IT consultants to deliver the best of services to help you differentiate within the aviation industry. Our consulting services include the following; IT Strategy & Planning, Business Continuity Planning, Cybersecurity, vCIO & vCTO Services, Data Back-Ups & Disaster Recovery, IT Audit & Advisory, IT Operation Management, Vendor Management, Procurement Management, Program and Project Management, Risk Management. We have a long-standing reputation for providing the best of consulting service to our partners in the aviation industry, we make aviation experience an exceptional one for you and your passengers.


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A Company involved in servicing, maintenance and repairs of engines, prime movers and exhaust gas turbochargers.

◎    Assured plant availability and operational security
◎    Relief of company’s own maintenance resources
◎    Improved operating conditions
◎    Transparent costs

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Reliable IT Support for Airports

Liranz ensures reliability of IT services across your organization by providing dedicated on site  and remote support operating exclusively in the aviation sector and  maximizing high quality of services for your customers experience in the process.

We deliver a cost-effective and efficient service and ensure that the best of service at all times. Whatever your needs are, we bring on board years of IT experience to make your airport IT service a world class one.



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Managed Services for Airports & Airlines

Designed for reliability and quality, Liranz Managed services ensure a constant and reliable IT service for the aviation industry. We understand the complexities and challenges of IT in the aviation industry, that is why we have careful designed an IT approach with dedicated on-site and off site support teams you can be assured of a 24/7 availability and expert service delivery.

Our proactive approach to service delivery ensures that you can have more experts on board, reduce excess cost and also accelerate your business process with constant vulnerability and weakness check.


Aviation & Cyber Security

The aviation industry relies heavily on computer systems in all aspects and flight operations. Airline security systems can directly impact the operational safety and efficiency of the industry, and indirectly impact its service, reputation, and financial health as well if it is not well-managed by experienced professionals.

Along with the benefit of all cyber technologies, insecurities arise, affecting all systems and infrastructures. The cyber threat and cyber-attack have a transnational part and effect, as worldwide systems are all connected. Based on about 15 years’ experience of providing IT services in Ghana and beyond across industries such as oil and gas, aviation etc.

We have developed a world-recognized expertise in securing aviation operations with several robust services both remote and on-site to aid in defending operation against the modern world of cyberattacks.

With Liranz, fear of security leaks and hacks is a routine task we handle on the regular with ease and have proven results to testify.



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