With Cloud Computing on the rise in modern times, so many businesses are hopping onboard the wave and surfing it into a world of numerous opportunities and benefits.

Making the switch to an online setup affords you the benefit of saving your company some money while at the same time boosting its business delivery, collaboration, and storage and software management capabilities. With our managed cloud services, you are have access to a wide array of highly customizable services, tailor made to meet your organization’s specific needs and business requirements.

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Our Cloud Services Include

Cloud Assessments Cloud Implementation Services Cloud Migration Services Cloud Technical Support

We perform a thorough and exhaustive analysis of your business and its core operations and processes to determine the various cloud services that you stand to benefit the most from and would be perfect for the nature of your business. We also assess your businesses requirements, your existing IT environment, IT Security, and factor them in when guiding you towards the proposed cloud environment.

We have experience in implementing cloud based applications which is our Software as a Service (SaaS) and also the management of your IT and cloud environment which is also our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).Whether you’re setting up your cloud environment from the ground or you’re migrating your existing systems to the cloud environment we are the right company to rely on.

Cloud migration can sometimes be a complex task, especially when you lack the expertise to successfully execute it. With our skilled cloud migration team, you are guaranteed a simplified, yet accelerated cloud migration process, all the while adhering to the industry best practices based on the developed migration strategy.

After successful migration to the cloud, we offer our support service for your cloud applications and infrastructure in order to ensure that you’re making the most out of your cloud environment and infrastructure.We help manage and maintain the integrations of between your core business applications and the cloud technology on which they rest.We also perform administrative service which include active directory management and backups and restorations.

Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS)

With our cloud Infrastructure as a service, we are able to host all your computing infrastructure for you, meaning you no longer have to worry about onsite systems maintenance anymore. This goes to reduce long term IT costs.  The Infrastructure as a Service affords your organization the following benefits

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

With our cloud Software as a Services, we are able to manage and maintain every aspect of your organization’s software and application programs when deployed to the cloud environment.

The benefits for migrating to cloud-based application softwares include, but not limited to:

Partnering with Liranz for your IT Infrastructure Management allows you enjoy the following advantages:

No Downtime for your core business systems

Rapid Response to support challenges

Use of Modern processes and tools for services

Augment your
in-house skill level

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