Reliable, responsive and professional IT Support is of utmost importance for every organisation. Most organizations find it difficult managing all the various aspects of the IT environment whiles supporting end users and resolving IT issues. Between implementing IT projects that reinforce business goals, managing existing systems for business operations and security, and end user support, it is almost impossible to place priority on end user support. However, this is also a very critical element to the success of every organisation as it reduces downtime and improves the overall productivity levels of the organisation.

Working with us at Liranz Limited gives you full access to our team of highly skilled IT Support Engineers, who can guarantee that you have the necessary support services when you need it, where you need it, and in any manner in which you want it. Your satisfaction and peace of mind to work is our main goal. Our IT Support services allows your organisation to take a proactive approach to your IT systems management. We do not just stand by and wait for issues that need to be resolved. We take it a step further to understand your environment, forecast possible risks, and take preemptive measures to prevent them from even happening.

Depending on your already existing setup, we adapt our service to best suite your specific business requirements. Whether onsite, on premise, or remotely, our dedication to helping your organisation meet its Business Goals is unwavering.


Our Remote and Onsite IT Support services comes in the following packages:

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  • Elite Managed IT

    With this package, we become your designated IT Team and you can completely rely on us for support in all IT areas.

  • Managed IT Select

    With this package, you have the freedom to select specific areas we support. This service aims to augment your IT strength.

  • Ad Hoc Managed IT

    We provide you with I support service when you need it, whether remotely or onsite.

Our Scope of IT Support Services include, but not limited to

Network Engineering

Microsoft Full Stack

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling


& Design

Remote & Onsite

Remote & Onsite


Network Administration and Design

  • Fast

  • Reliable

  • Value for Money

  • Expertly Executed

Infrastructure & Communications

Our IT infrastructure management strategy and solutions has helped companies to make themselves more effective by realigning technology to their business goals to improve the overall customer experience.


We are constantly improving and innovating ways of delivering value to our customers. Our IT consulting services will help you choose the right technologies that suit your business and set a clear roadmap on implementation strategy, and as well help you with implementation.