The dynamism of the business world today means that businesses have become more competitive in their operations and customers have become even more demanding for value for money spent. Customer satisfaction has become a major differentiator and leading the way in how businesses stand out in the marketplace. The way value is delivered to customers is highly influenced by the kind of technology deployed and how the technology is managed.

At Liranz we help your business stand out in the marketplace by ensuring your technology needs are best in class and are delivering value in a way that makes your customers keep coming back to you. We have been supporting businesses across different sectors both locally and internationally. If you are thinking of hiring a managed IT service and consultancy partner then we are happy to let you know why you are at the right place.

Customized solutions: We understand the technology and so we know that there is no one solution for all businesses; in this regard, we work with you to provide solutions that speak to your unique business and operational needs. Our expert consultants engage with you to have a deep understanding of your business operations and needs before we design solutions for you. Your business deserves an IT solution that is made for you and helps boost your business efficiency whiles delivering the best experience to your valued customers. Your business operation is unique and so are your IT needs.

Trusted Partnership: We believe in true and unique businesses partnership that enhances the cordial relationship and built on trust. As partners to your business, we consider ourselves as a part of your business and complement the effort of your existing business capacity. Whether we work remotely or in-house with your team you will always have that sense of partnership in the way we work, we respect and abide by all existing business protocols and regulations, and guidelines within your organization to ensure that your business gets the best of service from our expert team.

Flexibility: IT delivery services and business operations can be very complex and unpredictable based on the demands on the market. We work in a way that flexible to your business operations and needs. We offer an on-call emergency support service for all our partners on weekends and out of office hours. We ensure that your business never closes even when you leave the office by guaranteeing you a 24/7 round-the-clock support system. Flexibility is our way of telling you that with us there are no shock surprises with your IT, you can trust us to be there right when you need us.

Expert Knowledge: Every business organization has a specialty in a particular service or product delivery and we expect in providing IT support and consulting services. We believe in our capacity to deliver value in the area of IT for your business because we have been doing this over the years and have grown to become the best in our industry. We have the best team of experts with the right technical and professional experience in providing top-notch services to businesses across different sectors both local and international. When you trust us with your IT services your business becomes even more efficient at what it does.

Save cost: Your business gets the advantage of significant cost savings by partnering with us. You save a lot of costs from hiring, managing, and training an in-house IT management team and other IT infrastructure costs. We offer a cost structure that is flexible to your business and saves you cost without compromising on the quality of service we deliver to you.

Improve efficiency: When you partner with us you are able to focus more on your core business offerings and operations. Your internal resources also become more effective at what they do because there is no more time wasting on IT issues and downtimes. You are able to scale up your business operations and take up new projects and grow new revenue lines with around-the-clock IT partners. As your partner, we work with you so you are able to better allocate internal resources to other more productive areas in your business and boost revenue over time and this can help your business get ahead of your competition.

The world is evolving and IT is leading the way in this technology evolution and what this means to the business world is that the way businesses used to operate must change to meet the latest trends in innovation and technology. It is a must for every business that wants to stand out and WIN in the market today must work with technology.

This is why you need a technology partner that is not only good at managing IT but also understands the latest trends and future trajectory of technology and how they will impact your business. We stand out in delivering IT support and consulting with an amazing track record of helping businesses improve their operations, we are looking forward to engaging with you to see how we can help your business do more with technology.