Tailored IT Services for your Mid-Sized Business




Does Your Mid-Sized Business
Need Right-Sized Help?

We understand the challenges mid-sized businesses have to face when it comes to their need for tier technology services but with a mid-sized budget. Mid-size business often perform enterprise level operations but with limited employees and budget.

This period in a business’s lifespan is pivotal; you can easily fold back to a small sized company or grow into an Enterprise Level organization. This is heavily dependent on your choice of An IT Partner.

Our team of seasoned IT experts are poised to help you:

  • Have a more flexible IT system to accommodate easily your business and service delivery.
  • Mitigate the risk to your business by proper business continuity and disaster recovery measures as well IT security practices and governance systems.
  • Manage and maintain your IT applications and Infrastructure, onsite or remotely,
  • Initiate and implement IT and business projects alike, with the prerequisite skills and expertise to ensure timely completion and high quality standards.
  • IT strategy planning along with IT and Business assessment as well as Technology vision development and guidance.


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Our solutions


Mid-Sized IT Consulting

A trusted IT Partner is one that can fully assess the state of business and organizational IT, provide the requirements specific to your needs and goals, and offer top level guidance for implementation. We offer the following IT consulting services for Mid-Sized organizations:

+ IT Audit and Assessment

Our highly skilled team of experts thoroughly assess and audit your organization’s core processes and operations, IT infrastructure and management and IT delivery processes after which we provide your organization with a well detailed and documented report accompanied with recommendations that will sure improve your company’s efficiency and growth.

+ IT Strategy Planning

Having long goals is crucial for every organization to have a drive and direction. However, superior to that, is having an IT Strategy that is tied to your goals. We provide you with an IT Technology vision that is tailor made to match and suite your organization and its goals.

We work hand in hand with your management team to create a technology roadmap along with revised roles, structures and business processes.

+ IT Project Delivery

We have a team that is well experienced with initiating, implementing and managing projects. Whether small scale, mid-sized or large-scale projects, our team promises the highest standards and quality when it comes to our delivery.

Mid-Sized Risk Management

Risk management is crucial to all organizations irrespective of the organization’s size. Managing the risk to the organizations IT infrastructure and data is a critical responsibility of your IT partner/leadership. You can trust us to protect all you vital systems, tools and data with our IT Security expertise and trusted disaster recovery mechanisms to ensure business continuity.

+ Disaster Recovery

As disaster recovery is crucial to your organizations business continuity, we assist in putting together a well detailed and structured recovery guideline and plan, assess current structures and identify possible vulnerabilities in order to create Disaster Recovery Manuals to clearly identify response channels, teams and recovery times.

+ IT Security

After exposing your system and technology vulnerabilities, we take it a step further to put in place measures to prevent these vulnerabilities from being exploited to the detriment of your organization.

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Managed IT Services for Mid-Sized Businesses.

Having a trusted Managed IT Service Provider for your growing organization is a must-have for every mid-sized organizations. This allows you to focus on running the core operations of your business without worrying about whether your IT will be readily available to support your operations and goals.

+ Helpdesk Management

We provide and manage your helpdesk support with expert skills. Whether remotely or onsite, Liranz promises excellent support.

+ IT Asset management

We take up the task of IT asset management in order the ease the burden of keeping up with every piece of technology within your organization. We handle all operations from procurements through to inventory management and updates.

+ IT Infrastructure and Application Management

We manage all your organization’s IT infrastructure and applications, both onsite and cloud based. We run this management service both remotely and onsite depending on your organizational preference and what suites you best.




IT Staffing Solutions


+ Staff Augmentation

We as a consultancy and management firm provide IT Operations support to fill in the skill gaps and leadership requirements within your IT setup. We act as a complementary unit that adds the much-needed expertise to bolster your IT framework.

+ IT Recruiting

With our wide network of IT experts and associates, we help you make the right decision when it comes to employing the employing a permanent addition to your team. We search the market to identify possible matches, do the pre-screening and setup interviews for the shortlisted matches.

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Custom Software development and Cloud Services.

We have a team of skilled developers that are ready to assist your business in designing and coding the software that your business needs to develop. Whether its software development or cloud management services you require, we are qualified in rendering both IT Services.

+ Tailor-Made Software and Integrations.

We help you design and develop application software that are tailored to your unique specifications and requirements. We also help manage, configure and update your already existing application software and facilitate the integration of new models and API’s into the existing ones to add functionality and depth to your application software.

+ Cloud Migrations

We assist your organization in it cloud migration. We put together a well-detailed migration plan, coupled with an analysis of the impact to your business with clearly laid out plan for the entire migration, implementation and deployment process.