Broadly explained, the Chief Information/Technology Officer is the company executive that is generally responsible for the management of the people and processes connecting IT


He is also in charge of the implementation of projects and processes related to IT and the person responsible for making sure that the IT structure of the organization is strategically positioned to help the company reach its goals and objectives.


The Virtual CIO/CTO service we provide you will all the benefits of having an in-house CIO/CTO without actually hiring a full-time CIO/CTO. We help you by:

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Virtual CIO & CTO Advisory Services

IT Advisory and Guidance IT Staffing and Organizational Assessment IT Budgeting IT Process, policies and principle augmentation. Proposing potential technological advancements and upgrades Vendor Management Proposal Reviews

IT Advisory and Guidance

 We give you expert and professional advice for your IT operations and organization with regards to how they affect and influence your business.We guide you along the lines of business optimization with IT, how to improve your business operations in order to align your technology and overall business goals.

IT Staffing and Organizational Assessment

 Having the right staff for the right roles is very critical to your organizations’ productivity and overall efficiency.We analyze your organization’s present setup and make recommendations to ensure that your human resources are efficiently managed and deployed to improve their output.

IT Budgeting

 We provide advice on how funds are spent on your organization’s IT environment while making sure that all investments made on your technology are cost-efficient and value-for-money.

IT Process, policies and principle augmentation.

 With a thorough assessment of your organization’s business processes and operations, we provide your management with possible implementations of industry standards that is aimed at improving your current business and IT operations.

Proposing potential technological advancements and upgrades

 With our broad knowledge of the technology world and its current trends, we propose the various ways by which your organization can upgrade its hardware, software, and platforms to be able to compete with or maintain its lead in your specific industry.

Vendor Management

We help manage your organization’s vendor relationships. In as much vendors are important to your organization, it does not take away the time and effort that goes into negotiations, billing and support for issues, especially when dealing with multiple vendors.We manage your vendor relationships for you to enable you to channel that time and effort into growing your business.

Proposal Reviews

We can help review all proposals that are related to IT to ensure that high standards are helped and best practices are put in place.


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