Are Your Hardware and Software Assets Managed Efficiently?

Our ITAM services are customized to manage your assets throughout their full lifecycles, from procurement through usage and eventual disposition.

With a proper IT asset management plan in place, you can:

✔ Efficiently source hardware and software

✔ Gain leverage in negotiation with bulk purchasing

✔ Maximize the value of your equipment

✔ Ensure best practices are followed in managing IT assets

✔ Avoid costly licensing issues

✔ Take full advantage of warranties and vendor responsibilities

✔ Make strategic decisions concerning your assets, knowing when to hold on and when to dispose of them

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IT Asset Management Process

The IT asset management process involves several phases, taking care of your hardware and software from start to finish.

Some of the steps our IT asset management solutions include:



When the time comes for new equipment to be installed, our dedicated team can get you quickly up to speed. We’ll handle hardware installations of all types, from computer workstations, printers, monitors and telephony to servers and setting up data centre facilities.

Your new installs will be tested to ensure that they’re ready to go when you need them.

We’ll coordinate the logistical delivery of the hardware, set it up for you, and remove all old equipment and packing material for a smooth and orderly transition.



Moving or relocating can be a challenging time. Whether your office or location is large or small, we offer a range of move services designed to make moving your technology to a new location a worry-free experience, ensuring your equipment is operationally ready before staff arrives.

As part of our move services, we will:

  • Ensure the new space has your IT needs to be accounted for
  • Coordinate and execute the physical movement of hardware
  • Arrange for all wiring and cabling to be installed and ready
  • Ensure that network connectivity is in place
  • Unpack and set up the data center if needed
  • Set up workstations, monitors, printers, telephony, and peripherals
  • Thoroughly test all equipment and connectivity
  • Remove all packing and moving materials


Systems must occasionally be updated and upgraded to keep pace with your operational needs. As such we can facilitate the addition of new peripherals and components as well as software to your existing environment.



Our team can handle modifications to or replacement of your applications and infrastructure. Whether you need a configuration change to your systems or a completely new set of equipment, we can facilitate the process for you.

IT Asset Management

Challenges in Acquiring Technology
Sourcing, procuring and managing your IT hardware, software and networks can be a daunting challenge for any company. With multiple vendors available to deal with, not to mention determining what your particular needs are, the IT asset management (ITAM) process can be complex.

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Partnering with a trusted company with proven IT asset management services makes sense in today’s competitive business environment. We have the skills and expertise to simplify all aspects of managing your IT assets, letting you focus on growing your business.

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Our IT Asset Management Services

IT Asset Management Strategies
A good ITAM strategy is ultimately a good business strategy. We provide guidance and hands-on consulting to companies to help them implement and manage a system that not only provides maximum value but works to support their needs.

ITAM Services
As part of our suite of infrastructure managed services, we offer software and hardware inventory management solutions designed to help you make informed and strategic decisions regarding your IT operations.

Maximize the Value of Your Technology

IT assets are generally expensive to acquire and operate. They can rapidly depreciate, so ensuring you have a strategy to maximize their value is essential.

IT asset management is about maximizing the value of your technology to your company, and Resolute has the skills and expertise to help guide you through the process.

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What Are the Benefits of IT Asset Management?

ITAM services offer many benefits to your business:.

Full Lifecycle Tracking

We manage your assets from procurement, to usage, until eventual disposition.


ITAM services offer insight into what your organization owns and how it is used.

Cost Savings

Procuring technology through an ITAM vendor can offer greater discounts than buying on your own

Gain Maximum Efficiency

We can swap out your assets at the ideal point so you’re not losing productivity.

Get the Right Gear

IT assets are expensive and can be used extensively.
We’ll make sure you get the right gear.

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We have highly-qualified ITAM professionals ready to assist you.

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