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A document management system (DMS) is a computer-based software solution that is designed to organize, store, and manage electronic documents and images of paper-based information.

A DMS can help your organizations to create, capture, track, and store digital documents securely, as well as retrieve them easily and efficiently. Our DMS Service ensures that your requirements are assessed and solutions are tailored to satisfy those requirements.

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A DMS can help automate workflows, manage version control, and enforce security policies to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of documents.

Document Management Systems are used across various industries, such as legal, healthcare, finance, and government, to help organizations improve productivity, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Our DMS Solutions are bound to bring efficiency benefits to your business and data processes. Security, Accuracy and Availability are all assured with the right DMS deployed.

How Can DMS Help You

Information Security and Access Control

DMS provides access control to prevent unauthorized access, modification, or sharing of data, thereby safeguarding a company's documents. You have the ability to determine which individuals have permission to view, edit, and share specific files.

Improved Document Storage
DMS enables you to consolidate all your files in one central location, facilitating swift retrieval and instantaneous sharing. With this attribute, you can be assured that your documents will be readily accessible whenever required.

Version Control
DMS eliminates the need to create numerous files for each version of a document. It enables you to access all the available versions and inform users of any updates.

White Label
A lot of DMS provide a white-label capability, which allows you to incorporate your company's name and logo into selected designs for all of your documents.

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Liranz Software Professionals


Our development process is the natural evolution of a software process to support today’s changing business environment. We believe that every project should be dealt with a fresh approach. Our industry knowledge allows us to deliver solutions that solve business challenges in 40+ industries. Working closely with you, we define your needs and devise effective automation tool concepts, knowing how to implement these concepts and integrate them according to your specific needs.


Detailed Approach

More than 11 years of successful IT outsourcing and our customer’s business transformation.

Inclusive Solution Design

We ensure that the client is involved right from the beginning of solution design to ensure feedback is introduced at every stage of process.


Rich Technology Expertise

Our team of experts possesses extensive knowledge in both business and technology, enabling us to design and implement intricate solutions.

Client Oriented
All activities and services provided are done with client satisfaction as a required end goal.
By utilizing software to monitor progress and time, we oversee projects. This provides you with complete oversight during the development phase, ensuring that progress and billing remain entirely foreseeable.

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