We have been delivering expert IT consulting services over the past years, this has enabled us to design an effective IT consulting approach that enables us to deliver the maximum value to our customers within the shortest time.

Over the years, Technology has greatly influenced our everyday lives and how we go about developing business strategy. Technology has evolved to a point where with the right expertise and guidance, can meet the expectations of customers and businesses alike.

We at Liranz believe that, expertly deployed technology can drastically improve on your organization’s service delivery, improve on profits and make your business operations efficient and effective.

Allow us take the over your change processes, as we develop a sustainable business and technology strategy for your organization without you having to worry so you can focus completely on your core mandates and processes.

Nicholas Bortey
Nicholas Bortey
Chief Executive Officer
Lead Consultant – IT Consulting

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IT Strategy & Planning

Liranz's IT Strategy Services team helps clients develop their IT capabilities into engines of business value. We do this through an approach that is iterative, collaborative, decision-driven and execution-focused. We aim to make a difference in your day-to-day Business operations. ..


Modern organizations hugely depend on their IT department to fuel their business operations hence commit a significant proportion of the organisational budget as investment in their IT infrastructures and initiatives to get in line with market innovations and digital transformations.

IT Project Delivery & Management

We specialize in IT project delivery and management, providing comprehensive solutions to optimize your organizational efficiency and success.

IT Needs Assessment & Planning 

Our comprehensive IT Needs Assessment & Planning services ensure seamless integration and optimization of technology solutions for your business.

IT Service Management

Our IT Service Management solutions empower businesses to streamline operations and enhance productivity with our expertise.

IT Audit & Advisory

Our IT Audit & Advisory services provide comprehensive solutions tailored to improve your organization's technology infrastructure and mitigate potential risks.

Digital Strategy & Transformation Consulting

Our cutting-edge consultancy empowers organizations to thrive in the digital age through comprehensive digital strategy and transformation expertise.

Enterprise Architecture

Our enterprise architecture empowers organizations to enhance their operations and drive sustainable growth.

IT Solutions for Oil & Gas

Our advanced IT solutions revolutionize the oil & gas industry, empowering your business with the latest technologies for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

IT Supply Chain Management

Our all-inclusive IT supply chain management solutions optimize your operations, ensuring seamless procurement, inventory control, and logistics for maximum business success.

Technology Implementation Consulting

Our expert technology implementation consulting services guide your business through seamless integration and transformation, maximizing your IT investments for accelerated growth and success.

IT Strategy & Planning

Our strategic IT planning services enable businesses to achieve their goals by designing and implementing tailored technology strategies that drive innovation and deliver sustainable competitive advantages.

IT Operations Management

We excel in IT operations management, ensuring uninterrupted business continuity and optimal performance through our broad range of services tailored to meet your organization's unique needs.

Cloud Transformation

We are your trusted partner for cloud transformation, leveraging our expertise to seamlessly migrate your business to the cloud, unlocking scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.

Business Consulting

We provide expert business consulting services, partnering with organizations to drive growth, optimize operations, and achieve strategic objectives through our tailored solutions and industry expertise.

IT Governance, Risk & Compliance

We specialize in IT governance, risk, and compliance, offering comprehensive solutions to ensure your organization's IT systems are secure, compliant, and aligned with industry standards, providing peace of mind for your business.

IT Business Management

We are leaders in IT business management, offering innovative solutions that streamline processes, enhance decision-making, and drive overall organizational performance for sustainable success.

Org Change Management

We are adept in organizational change management, guiding businesses through successful transitions, fostering employee engagement, and enabling smooth adoption of new technologies and processes.

IT Research, Education & Group Facilitation

We have well trained specialists in IT research, education, and group facilitation, empowering organizations with up-to-date insights, knowledge-sharing platforms, and effective collaborative sessions to drive innovation and professional growth.

IT Design & Implementation

We are your trusted partner for IT design and implementation, delivering customized solutions that seamlessly integrate technology into your business, ensuring efficiency, scalability, and enhanced performance.

Organizational Development and Management Practice

We are leaders in organizational development and management practice, offering comprehensive solutions that optimize workforce performance, enhance leadership capabilities, and foster a culture of continuous improvement for long term success.

Project And Program Review & Audit

We also specialize in project and program review & audit, providing thorough assessments to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, ensuring successful project delivery and maximizing return on investment.

IT Quality Control Quality Assurance Design Planning and Support

Our overall IT quality control, quality assurance, design planning, and support services ensure that your technology initiatives meet the highest standards, leveraging our expertise to drive excellence in every aspect of your IT projects.

Business Process Evolution improvement

Our business process evolution improvement services drive transformative change, optimizing your workflows, maximizing efficiency, and enabling continuous improvement to propel your organization forward.

People & Change Consulting

Our people and change consulting services empower organizations to navigate complex transformations, driving employee engagement, fostering cultural alignment, and facilitating successful change management for streamlined development.

CIO Consulting Services

Our CIO consulting services provide strategic guidance, leveraging our expertise to align technology with business objectives, improve IT governance, and drive digital transformation for long-term success.

Audit & Advisory

Our Approach to Audits and Advisory is completely thorough and built on sustainable methods and relevant frameworks. We strive to better your technology environment.

Our Virtual CIO Services

Because technology is a key enabler to your business growth it is critical to have the right experts to advise on it and manage it. Our 24/7 around the clock vCIO service enables you to have access to a high-level IT leader assigned to your business.

Our vCIOs are very experienced with the right technical background across different industries and have advised many businesses on the right technologies to deploy in other to achieve their achieve business objectives.


Our Consulting Process


Engage: We Believe In Building Relationships With Our Clients By Engaging Them Through Listening And Observation Of Their Unique Business Operations Needs.

Analyse: Our Expert Consultants Will Study Your Current IT Strategy, Infrastructure, Process, And People. Together With You, We Focus On Finding The Right Technologies That Are In Perfect Alignment With Your Business Goals And Objective.

Design: You Can Set Your Business Up For Growth: We Design And Build The Technology And Solutions Across Your Business Operations.

Deploy: Our IT Experts Together With You Implement The Developed Tailored Solution That Meets Your Unique Business Needs.

Project & Programme Management

Project management is the complex art of planning, organizing, mobilizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful execution of specific projects.

IT Managers who do not have the right certification, skill, and experience in project management often task to plan and execute critical IT projects, however their inexperience in project management increase s likelihood of failure for their projects. These failures are mostly as a result of oversight, negligence, and lack of proper coordination. Apart from the time lost, project failures are extremely costly.



Overview of finished IT Consulting and Implementation Projects


We are a multi-award winning company in the technology space.


We manage your technology in order for you and your team to focus entirely on the critical and core aspects of your business.

Every company requires a reliable and proactive IT support service partner to achieve their business goals and objectives.