Over the years, technology has greatly influenced our everyday lives and how we go about developing business strategies. Technology has evolved to a point where with the right expertise and guidance, businesses can meet the expectations of customers and their business requirements alike.

Business owners and technology leaders are constantly faced with a myriad of technology threats and are constantly in need of technology strategies to meet their business needs.

On daily basis, global leaders are constantly lonely on their journeys and are constantly in a deficit of knowledge with respect to tech-driven counsel to confront their business needs. These challenges are compounded by the complexities of the dynamics of the business landscape.

We at Liranz believe that expertly deployed technology can drastically improve on your organization’s service delivery, improve on profits and make your business operations efficient and effective.

Allow us take over your change processes, as we develop a sustainable business and technology strategy for your organization without you having to worry.


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Our Capabilities

Together we can plan and build a solution that’s right for you. Here’s how:

IT Consultancy & Change

We hold your hand and guide you through your Change process to properly align your Technology needs with your business goals.

IT Strategy & Planning

We provide you with a comprehensive and well-documented Strategy and plan for your IT and Business transformation and development

IT Audit and Advisory

Our team of seasons IT experts perform a thorough and detailed audit of your IT systems and infrastructure after which we advise as against best practices and standards.

IT Project Delivery and Management

We bring a professional approach to project delivery and management. With us managing your projects, you can be guaranteed of quality and satisfaction.

IT Service Management

We offer general management of IT Services. Leave your technology and digital systems to us and you can focus on running your business to its full potential. .

Virtual CIO/CTO Services

Do you need a Chief Information/Technology officer that would advise and direct on the trajectory of IT for business and organizational goal alignment?.

Organizational Change Management

We help your organization through the preparation, implementation, and follow-through stages of organizational change to ensure that the strategic goals are met.

Digital Transformation

Keep up with the digital revolution in the business world with us. We help your organization undergo a total digital transformation to position yourself strategically to reap the benefits of this digital age.

IT Design and Implementation

Design and build an IT Infrastructure and system that is customized to your company, its needs, and its requirements to meet the business goals and objectives.

IT Operations Management

Turn over the management of your IT Operations to us and watch your organization grow to meet its full potential.

IT Needs and Assessment Planning

IT Needs and Assessment Planning
We assess your organization’s existing IT Infrastructure and systems against your business goals, and identify the requirements that are lacking, and provide a well-documented plan to close the gaps.

IT Governance and Risk Compliance

Ensure that your organization is effectively and efficiently utilizing its IT resources to enable the organization reaches its business goals.

Cloud Transformation

Cloud transformation is an integral part of your digital transformation journey. It helps boost your delivery levels, efficiency, and productivity.

IT Research, Education and Group Facilitation

Want to keep up with the latest trends in business technology and how they can influence your business, educate your staff on the efficient use of modern technology, then our IT Research and Education service is for you.

Organizational Development and Management Practice

We assist with the overall management and development of your organization, as your organization’s success is a direct reflection of our effectiveness as an IT Partner.

IT Project Planning and Management

We help plan, manage and implement IT Projects for your organizations and also assist with training your management team for subsequent projects.

Enterprise Architecture

With Enterprise IT Architecture, there’s no ‘one design fits all’ strategy.

We establish a viable business and technology strategy for organizations – here, skillfully deployed technology can totally revamp on your organization’s service delivery, improve on profits and make your business operations more adequate and successful.

We guide you through your Change procedure to perfectly adjust your Technological needs with your business ethics.


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Our site presents more experts sharing intuitions in whatsoever your demands may be. This includes IT Consultancy and Change, Strategy, and Planning, IT Audit and Advisory, IT Project Delivery and Management, and many more.  You will find information in our services below which can be very useful.

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Help to Rapidly Shift to Remote Work

With the help of  remote access tools, we are able to provide  remote services and access to our clients from anywhere across the globe. We provide support services for your requests, both onsite and remotely, depending on your preferred mode of operation.

Our support team are totally committed to ensuring your satisfaction and reliability of your technology. We record and track all your requests to enable us follow through until a favorable resolution is reached


TRENDING BUSINESS & Technology Topics

Technology innovation does not happen in a vacuum.

With thousands of businesses switching over technologically, the digital world of business will ultimately become the model of society. The benefits of digital transformation are colossal and your organization only stands to enjoy these gains when you take measures to experience your digital transformation.

We have assisted many companies across different industries making this transition from the regular business landscape to the digitally-driven landscape. Our Technological transformation includes, but is not limited to; Digital Strategy Development, End-user Experience Enhancements and IT Modernization.


We can help you go where you want to grow in technology.