Technology Implementation Consulting 

Our  company  analyzes  where  your business is facing a downturn to identify problem areas

and Plan for the next strategic move in the use of technology which impacts positively on the business.

The  Technology  Implementation  and  Consulting  Team  also  Identify  the  range  of IT  that  helps  reduce business challenges and problems. We also ensure that our clients understand the need for the new technology and the reasons behind the shift from a system they may have held close to the heart.

Extensive Experience

At Liranz Limited, our team have comprehensive knowledge in implementing new technologies. We work with our customers and technology vendors to ensure that they act on time and on the budget to achieve the desired results.


Digital Transformation

Our technology implementation consulting team provides end-to-end technology consulting transformation support through our comprehensive consulting services to help you identify growth opportunities, gain insights, identify problem areas, transform insights into actionable modules and move them to the execution stage. We ensure you have a sustainable competitive advantage, build strong organizations and deliver lasting results.

We help to Modify Complex Solutions

We are abreast with the complications involved in technology implementation and our team has developed a working model for our customers over the years. Liranz team has emphasizes not only the recognition of technology but also the implementation of what most people use. This perception requires a better technological know-how of the different processes of the entire company.

We establish clear goals for working closely with you. In addition, our experts can come up with prudent priorities, cost friendly budgets, and timeframes to ensure that the project runs evenly until it is completed.


and Audit

Businesses need to work their numbers to have a clear picture of the requirements and whether the benefits of the technology outweigh its cost. By clearly understanding the vision of the business, its budget, as well as the requirements they have, our team can come up with the best implementation plan for the entire project.

Action Plan

"A change management strategy" what we call it, and it ensures there are lasting effects to the entire implementation of the new technology.

Technology Implementation

Having a clear vision of what aspects of the old system needs replacing goes a considerable way towards ensuring smooth implementation and transitioning.
This kind of visioning requires an excellent understanding of the different processes that run the entire business or corporation.

and Maintenance

Training involves more than just getting the employees as well as the end users, if any, to get to know how to use the technology. Our team of experts ensures that your employees understand the need for the new technology and the reasons behind the shift.




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Our processes represents the organic progression of partner-client relationship that caters to the dynamic landscape of modern business. We strongly advocate for approaching each exchange with a renewed perspective. Leveraging our extensive expertise across multiple industries, we provide solutions that effectively address diverse business challenges. By closely collaborating with you, we understand your requirements and devise strategies and concepts that are tailored to your unique needs. Furthermore, we possess the know-how to efficiently implement and integrate these concepts into your operations.


Detailed Approach

More than 11 years of successful IT outsourcing and our customer’s business transformation.

Inclusive Solution Design

We ensure that the client is involved right from the beginning of solution design to ensure feedback is introduced at every stage of process.


Rich Technology Expertise

Our team of experts possesses extensive knowledge in both business and technology, enabling us to design and implement intricate solutions.

Client Oriented
All activities and services provided are done with client satisfaction as a required end goal.
By utilizing software to monitor progress and time, we oversee projects. This provides you with complete oversight during the development phase, ensuring that progress and billing remain entirely foreseeable.

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