Are Competitive Advantages in the marketplace created from working on Business Solutions? Entreprise Architecture? Is IT being utilized by companies to deliver solutions in the most effective and efficient manner possible?

With Enterprise Architecture, there’s no ‘one design fits all’ strategy. Our services are tailored and made unique for every organization. These strategies need to be designed with your organization’s unique goals, objectives, and requirements in mind.

The current trajectory on which the business space is traveling points to one that is critically and heavily dependent on Information Technology and its performance. Finding a way of merging one’s business strategy and vision with the IT requirements and IT strategy has become a necessity as Information Technology is now the primary enabler for businesses. Taking advantage of relevant IT Solutions and services is the only way to maintain a competitive edge in your specific industry of business.

Liranz Limited

Enterprise Architecture Services

EA Advisory

We provide the following:

  • Executive mentoring designed to identify functional areas where EA principles may be beneficial, define roll-out and ongoing operational approaches, and provide insights into best practices
  • Roadmap development involving the creation of a detailed rollout plan for implementation and ongoing governance of the EA

EA Implementation

We provide the following:

An experienced team makes use of the widely accepted TOGAF and Zachman frameworks to outline the future state environment by considering the four layers of an EA solution:

  • Business Processes
  • Applications
  • Data
  • Technology Architectures

EA Training

We provide the following:

  • Tailored Enterprise Architecture Training for all levels of organizational impact based on implemented EA framework

  • Well-documented training materials (documents, videos, slides, etc.) for future reference and further learning purposes.

Our Enterprise Architecture Experience

Liranz Limited has over the years proven over and over again to be the trusted IT Partner for businesses and organizations at the top of their industries or aspire to be at the top of their respective industries.

Our rich clientele is a testament to the expert and professional services we have been offering over the years and the amount of experience we have acquired in those years.

Employing the Zachman and TOGAF EA frameworks, we have built enough experience to know what works for who and what doesn’t work and refine our processes to the point where we are able to identify and exploit fully the opportunities within your business or organization.

Liranz`s Entreprise Architecture Four Domains

Business Architecture


What are the benefits of a properly implemented Enterprise Architecture?

  • Achievement of an Agile process that facilitates co-dependence of IT and business investments
  • Improved efficiency in the execution of strategic projects
  • Total cost of ownership across IT investment (projects & implementation) is lowered.
  • A consistent method for prioritizing IT investments with the greatest impact, according to a predetermined budget cycle frequency.
  • Mission-critical IT initiatives can be delivered faster by efficiently utilizing enterprise, data, and infrastructure standards to enable better reuse.