Are you in search of a solution to access top-notch, budget-friendly calls from any corner of the globe? Concerned about potential call oversights or the requirement to remain desk-bound for call supervision? VoIP presents a comprehensive set of capabilities to address these concerns. With Voice over Internet Protocol, you gain the ability to engage in call conversations without the restrictions of a stationary desk.


We Love What We Do

Liranz Limited specializes in VoIP Services and installations, enabling your business to maintain seamless connectivity across various locations. Our sought-after features include economical call rates, automated call routing, comprehensive call logs, real-time monitoring, and unmatched service mobility. We recognize the pivotal role communication plays in modern businesses, and our customized VOIP solutions (Voice Over IP) are designed to seamlessly transition your conventional phone system while offering cost savings. With the appropriate internet connectivity, your business can establish a fully functional VOIP infrastructure in a matter of minutes.


Improved User Acceptance

Improved user acceptance leads to higher productivity and efficiency making users more comfortable with technology and more likely to adopt new systems and tools.


It ensures consistency in operations, reduces the risk of errors, and enables efficient use of resources. With a proven framework in place, teams can focus on improving their performance rather than reinventing the wheel.

Cost Effective

We have a transparent pricing model that doesn't involve any hidden costs. Additionally, our strong relationships with telephony and IT vendors allow us to offer you the entire package and pass on cost benefits to you.

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3 Reasons to trust Liranz to support your Organization

Detailed Approach

More than 11 years of successful IT outsourcing and our customer’s business transformation.

Priority Assurance

We recognize the urgency in promptly resolving support-related matters.

Client Satisfaction

Our commitment revolves around delivering unparalleled support to guarantee utmost customer satisfaction with our services.

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