With technology playing a more and more important role in the teaching and learning process, it’s important to have a reliable information technology services provider.

Liranz Limited has worked with educational institutions in various sectors starting from pre-school to tertiary to deliver IT solutions that make student experiences better and improve the process of school administration.

From the classrooms to the lecture halls,  we help make learning and the search for information an exciting one by empowering institutions with the right tools, and skills to determine the future of the world around us.

Technology Consulting for the Education

Educational systems and learning institutions have an increasing appetite for IT solutions to facilitate teaching and learning. They are constant for innovative and dynamic solutions that can quickly flex and adapt to continually changing academic and administration needs. From systems for online teaching and learning to system for administration; these system requires robust and agile networks and should assure users high levels of data security.

Liranz Limited has been a market leader for consulting on cloud solutions, academic & school administration software, networking, IT Governance, IT infrastructure, integrated communication systems, end-user software licensing and backup, and security solutions for educational institutions worldwide.

Managed Services for Educational Institutions

Several educational facilities have initiated programs and projects which are focused on student development, modern learning, curriculum development, and collaboration. These goals can only be met with the right technological solutions. Schools or academic institutions looking to modernize their institutional goals managed IT services from Liranz Limited.

As an award-winning leader in providing managed IT services in Ghana and beyond, we support businesses, companies, and academic institutions to manage the complex area of information technology.

Our managed Services include:

• IT Consulting
• Project and Program Management
• IT Management and Support
• Cloud Computing Services
• Application Services
• IT Outsourcing



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Reliable IT Support for Educational Institutions

Even though educational institutions may have an in-house IT team that provides day-to-day support. Keeping up with the challenge of meeting the expectancy level of parents and students can be very demanding. In addition to the burden of maintaining adequate levels of security, protecting academic and parents' records are eminent.

The surest bet for educational institutions to manage these burdens is to partner with reliable managed IT services. Our team of IT professionals is available 24×7 to augment and assist your in-house team. As an add-on, we create strategic IT plans that will help your institution grow and thrive.
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