In an era where virtualization has become the order of the day, our video conferencing solutions are bound to bring the much-needed dynamism to your organization’s operations and communication.

With workers working remotely and constantly out of the office, the convenience and flexibility is undeniable, but is at the same time difficult to manage without a properly deployed collaboration system. The ability of an organization to collaborate efficiently is the key to boosting profits and gaining an advantage over competitors in this age.

Our video conferencing solutions augment your organization’s communication ability, giving you the versatility to connect seamlessly to the entities that matter to your business, without the limitation of time nor location.

Liranz Limited offers video conferencing solutions that are tailor-made to suit your organization, open-ended and economically sound.


Your organization’s specific needs and requests are taken into account with every solution provided. We make sure that all your video conferencing concerns are addressed by our solutions.

We provide you with a wide array of solutions that can be adapted or integrated into your already existing system. Our video conferencing solutions are highly malleable and available as on-site solutions, cloud based solutions, or an expertly combined solution of both systems.

The solutions we provide are the best cost-effective solutions in the market currently. What we offer is value for your money.


Conference Room Solutions
Unified Communications

Are you an organization looking to design a meeting or conferencing room? Alternatively, in the middle of redesigning or revamping your existing conference room? If yes, then you are indeed on the right path. With the advent of new technological advancement in the area of conferencing, equipping your conference room with the best systems should be a priority in designing a functional and interactive conferencing space.

Our conference room solutions will transform your traditional conference room setup into a technologically functional space, equipped with carefully selected products to reflect a refined conferencing experience. Our conference room solutions provide top-notch audio video systems that exponentially enhance interactions and enforces a collaborative environment.

Our team of consultants are available to custom design solutions for your organisation. We can implement, or guide you in implementing a customized conference room solution that perfectly suits your needs as an organisation.

Do you already have your design and are looking for a trusted partner to procure the devices or conference room hardware to bring your design to life? We provide you with a wide range of state-of-the-art hardware that we specially select with you in mind.

We provide top-of-the-shelf conferencing room solutions and presentation technology that are cost effective. From design to hardware to implementation to management, Liranz Limited has got you covered.

The solutions we provide are highly compatible with the latest technology as well as the video conferencing applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Skype for business, Google Meet, etc.

Our team of engineers and consultants are always ready to assist you in any way possible to bring a well-enriched and fully immersive conference room experience to your organisation.

Business Communication Strategy has become so important in the modern day business field. With most organizations running with remote workers, the need for a cost effective and readily accessible means of communication has become a priority for all organizations in the business world.

Is your organization looking for an advanced and feature-rich method of voice communication that leverages your internet service and cut down on your telephony bills over period? Is your organization trying to figure a way to cut down on maintenance cost? Voice communication cannot be avoided in any form of business, but it should not also place financial strain on the organization. The availability and accessibility of voice communication is also of importance. Paying huge sums as bills for voice communication and having unreliable service is every organization’s nightmare.

We offer the best voice communication solution on the market currently. Our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution is not only cost effective and reliable, but also takes advantage of the internet to add a variety of advanced features to voice communication, making it superior to the traditional voice communication systems.

Our VoIP solution gives your organization the ability to not only communicate effectively between your employees, but also adds a personalized touch to communication with customers as well. It allows for reduced response times with its call routing features.

The VoIP solution that we at Liranz Limited provide, allows your employees to have the ability to work from anywhere and still respond to assignments from anywhere, reduces overall communications cost and gives you the flexibility to scale up or down without necessarily adding more hardware to your existing setup.

Voice over IP is the way forward in business voice communication and telephony, and we at Liranz offer the best solutions in that regard.

We pride our self in having the best VoIP service on available on the market and are ever available to assist and guide migration from traditional voice communication system to our revolutionary Voice over IP solution.




Students these days require a lot more interaction when it comes to their learning process. Without the creativity that technology brings, the students of today would find it difficult to maintain concentration for an extended period. Parents, teachers and school authorities alike need to integrate the necessary technology to improve student participation and collaboration in schooling activities.

Liranz Limited provides solutions that empower students to acquire knowledge with appropriate technology whiles at the same time equipping teachers with the tools to teach the students effectively, regardless of location. Putting the right tools into the hands of students and teachers drastically boosts productivity of both student and teacher.




Healthcare should easily and readily accessible to all. We offer a wide selection of products that assure collaborative effectiveness. Healthcare professionals need to be able to interact and collaborate with colleague specialist to ensure that patients receive the best of treatment. We at Liranz offer solutions that meets these needs.

We offer state-of-the-art accessories and peripherals along with video collaboration solutions that would bring a new dimension to your service provision.



  • Solutions For Teachers

Teachers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to education. We believe that education should not be limited by distance/location. Liranz Limited offers teachers the solution to their collaboration challenges. Teachers, now more than ever, need the ability to teach not just remotely, but as effectively as it would be if it were in person. Moreover, with student’s requirement for more and more interactive lessons, appropriate technology for teachers has become an imperative need. We offer complete solutions to make this possible and as efficient as can be.


  • Solutions for Students

We offer collaboration solutions for students whether at home or at school. We provide a complete array of products, which together, allow the student to be fully participative in school activities, in school, or at home. From noise cancellation headsets to ergonomic peripherals that promote efficiency and an immersive collaborative and learning experience, devoid of distractions.