Liranz Limited has been a top brand in providing IT Services in the country.

Our IT staffing solutions are the most recommended in the country as we provide your organization with highly trained and qualified personnel it requires to meet business requirements and operational mandates.


With our IT Staffing Solution, you can:

  • Boost your staff or team strength with the needed skills for short or long-term arrangements.
  • Proceed to complete important IT Projects that your team is too tied up with other activities to perform.
  • Depend on us to recruit prospective candidates to fill permanent positions.
  • Allow us to provide interim manager-grade consultants to manage your projects whiles you or us, look for more permanent prospects to hire.
  • Evaluate your organizational structure to determine modifications that would raise efficiency by putting the right skills to the right roles.

We provide the following IT Staffing Solutions.

IT Staffing Augmentation

Looking to bolster your team or staff strength with multiple professional skill requirements? Look no further. Our IT Staff Augmentation solution allows you to boost your IT department or personnel with the much needed professional skill set needed to boost current IT Operations. Whether short term or long term, we ensure that you receive the right type of assistance to meet your business needs.

We have certified Project Managers that are ready to offer the leadership your project needs to propel it to completion within its time and resource constraints.

Our System Architects are also available to assess your organization’s IT Environment, which includes your business applications and IT Infrastructure, and assist you with designing solutions that are aimed at growing your Infrastructure to be more effective and efficient.

We also have Business Operations Personnel that can fully support the operations of your business. From operational level IT management to IT Support personnel to support your existing team, we have you covered.


IT Outsourcing Solutions

We have the needed resources to be your sole destination for all your technology requirements.

The team of experts here at Liranz are well equipped to handle all your technological and IT requirements, which would allow you channel your focus and efforts into other areas of your business.

With this service, you have the freedom to pick and determine specific areas of your IT environment and completely outsource them to us.

Our IT Outsourcing services encompasses the following areas of IT:

  • Help Desk and IT Support
  • Systems Integration Support
  • Applications Development
  • Managed IT Services

IT Recruitment

Looking to permanently fill IT positions and vacancies in your organization? Our recruitment specialists are ready to bring in the right and qualified IT professionals to fill in those vacancies within your organization. We use the highest standards, coupled with our own wealth of experience in the IT Industry to thoroughly screen all candidates we recommend to you. This allows you to save time that would have been spent reviewing resumes and holding thorough interviews.

Our IT Recruitment Service involves:

  • Screening and Interviewing potential candidates for your vacant roles
  • Clearly writing job descriptions to reflect the requirements of your business or organization
  • Scouting the job market for the unique skills and qualities you organization needs
  • Complete assessment of your business needs as against your business goals and objectives

Our IT Staffing solutions are set up in a manner that allows us to facilitate both short and long-term staffing requirements. Depending on your current needs, we are poised to deliver the desired results. We help you to bring in senior-level professionals to fill specific IT roles.


Benefits of using our IT Staffing Solutions Service:

  • Ideal Candidates for your vacancies
    We help you get the perfect fit for your business needs and requirements.
  • You reduce your hiring time
    Since you leave most of the work, like the market search and preliminary interviews, to us, you save time that can be used to serve other operational purposes.
  • Enhanced Staff Retention
    With us involved in recruiting, we also help with staff training which gives staff higher level of satisfaction, resulting in increased retention rates.
  • Highly skilled, qualified and certified recruits
    We ensure that all candidates recommended to your organization are of the highest caliber in skills and qualifications.
  • Freedom to scale up or down
    Using our IT Staff augmentation services allows you to freely scale up down, knowing that we our services can cater for both short and long term requirements.