We do not only aid with your IT governance and management policies, but we also assist with the improvement of your
Organizational Development & Management Practice, staff training, requirements, and skills evaluation.

Just like an engine with all gears oiled, an organization that has properly functioning structures and systems stands to benefit more from a well-established IT system.

We examine your management and staff roles as well as their skills and recommend measures to help improve their output and ensure that your organization has management with the right abilities to manage staff with the required skillsets for their roles.

Organizational Development & Management Practice

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We offer Staff Evaluation and Resource Planning services.


Under this service, we render the following: 

  • We evaluate your present staff roles with respect to their qualifications and organizational and departmental mandates within the structure of the organization.
  • We assist with your recruitment of management and staff.
  • We develop staff training and professional development programs as well as prepare staff policies.
  • We recommend changes to staffing positions and role descriptions in order to make use of staff strengths and skills in accordance with the organization’s requirements.

We also provide IT Cost and Benefits Evaluation and Funding Strategies Services. For every successful IT Project or program, a careful evaluation of its cost against benefit should be conducted.

This evaluation would inform the organization as to whether the project or program would provide tangible benefits to the organization and its clients. Using our proven processes, we are able to estimate accurately operational and developmental costs for projects and programs.


Our Process follows the following steps:

  • Project/Program Definition
  • Identify Business Drivers
  • Identify Budget and Cost Allowance
  • Analyze Benefits
  • Analyze Benefits against Cost
  • Prepare Business Case
  • Evaluate funding strategies and sources
  • Present our Results


 We also assist with the development of IT Policies, Standards, and Best Practices Development. Without policies and standards, there would be no coherence in the elements of the IT Architecture and Infrastructure. These policies and standards also act as the guidelines that guide and govern IT Planning, design, system development and administration and service delivery. Well-defined IT policies and standards yield so many benefits for an organization, and the lack of it serves as a strong disadvantage in your target market.

The benefits/advantages we at Liranz, through the development of IT Policy and Standards for your organization, will bring you to include:

  • Consistency with your Service Delivery
  • The efficiency of your operations
  • Effective Management and Mobilization
  • High Standard and Quality
  • Flexibility and Interoperability
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