Liranz's Co-Managed IT Service is a comprehensive and collaborative approach designed to empower organizations with enhanced IT support and management capabilities.

By partnering with Liranz, your business can leverage our expertise while retaining control over your IT operations.

With a shared responsibility model, Liranz works closely with organizations to define roles and responsibilities, ensuring a seamless integration of internal and external resources.

Our team of skilled professionals brings extensive knowledge and experience to the table, offering strategic guidance, proactive monitoring, security management, and help desk support.

Our services are flexible and scalable enough to adapt to the evolving needs of organizations, providing customized service levels and ensuring efficient collaboration. Our Co-Managed IT Service enables businesses to optimize their IT Infrastructure, improve operational efficiency, and unlock the benefits of expert IT management while retaining control over their IT environment.

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Leveraging External Expertise

Making use of our Co-Managed IT Services allows you to gain access to our hub of rich expertise and experience. Our staff brings with them in-depth knowledge, experience, and best practices to complement your organization's internal IT resources.

We assist with strategic planning, technology selection, implementation of new systems, and ongoing optimization of the IT infrastructure.

How You Would Benefit From Our Co-Managed Service


Co-Manage Your IT With Us

Co-managed IT allows your organization to maintain control over its IT operations while benefiting from our specialized knowledge and resources in the technology space. This model offers flexibility, scalability, and customized support, enabling you to optimize your IT capabilities and enhance overall efficiency.

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Together for the Journey

Co-Managed IT Services offer organizations the best of both worlds by combining internal and external IT management advantages.

This approach enables organizations to maintain control over their IT operations, maximize the utilization of their existing IT resources, tap into specialized expertise, and efficiently manage their IT infrastructure and systems through a collaborative partnership with a trusted service provider.

This model is especially valuable for organizations seeking to enhance their IT capabilities, drive efficiency, and optimize their IT operations without fully relinquishing control of their IT functions.

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Services We Can Work Together On

  • Network Monitoring and Management
  • Help Desk Support
  • Security Management
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Patch Management
  • Cloud Services
  • IT Asset Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • IT Strategy and Planning
  • Vendor Management

Need Expert Opinion?

If you are not sure how this service might be beneficial to you and your organization, kindly reach out to us and speak to our experts. We are ready to see how we can work together.