Proven Track Record in Technology Implementation Consulting

For over a decade, we have been assisting companies in implementing optimal technology solutions based on individual analyses of their needs, requirements, and ultimate objectives. Our expertise enables organizations to comprehend their precise technology needs and receive recommendations for solutions that fulfill them.

Additionally, we can assist in creating project plans and budgets for technology projects, identifying necessary resources and funding to finish the projects. We have the capability to implement new technology solutions and manage projects. By collaborating with FSSP, you can be confident that your technology projects will prosper, and your technology investments will yield the most significant benefits.

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How We Work

At Liranz, understanding the client's business and data security requirements is our top priority. We formulate a security strategy, execute it, and conduct ongoing surveillance to ensure its effectiveness. Our team of experts can assist you in enhancing your data and system security, safeguarding your valuable resources against possible threats.

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Reasons to choose


We have refined our service delivery process to adapt to the dynamic nature of today's business landscape. Our experience allows us to approach each project with a unique perspective. With our expertise spanning multiple industries, we are capable of providing tailored solutions that effectively address your business challenges. By collaborating closely with you, we gain a clear understanding of your requirements and design delivery approaches that are customized to your needs. We possess the knowledge and skills to effectively transform your operations with technology.


Detailed Approach

More than 11 years of successful IT outsourcing and our customer’s business transformation.

Inclusive Solution Design

We ensure that the client is involved right from the beginning of solution design to ensure feedback is introduced at every stage of process.


Rich Technology Expertise

Our team of experts possesses extensive knowledge in both business and technology, enabling us to design and implement intricate solutions.

Client Oriented
All activities and services provided are done with client satisfaction as a required end goal.
By utilizing software to monitor progress and time, we oversee projects. This provides you with complete oversight during the development phase, ensuring that progress and billing remain entirely foreseeable.

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We Can Help You With

Strategy & Planning

Developing a roadmap for the implementation of digital technologies, including identifying key areas for transformation and setting goals and objectives.

Technology Implementation

Implementing new technologies and systems, including cloud computing, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, safe connections from home, etc.

Business Process Redesign

Re-evaluating and optimizing business processes to take advantage of digital technologies and improve efficiency.

Training and Support

Providing training and support to help employees adapt to new technologies and processes.

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