Services that answer all your needs and business demands.


Every company requires a reliable and proactive IT Support Partner to achieve business goals and objectives.

 This is a mandatory business requirement to keep you in touch with your customers, patients, financial institutions and stakeholders. Focus on growing your business and we’ll manage and develop your technology.

Our IT support service includes hardware and software installs, repairs, account management and warranty, remote, dispatch and field support. Our IT support includes troubleshooting and solving tier 1-3 issues for Laptop, mobile devices, computers, SaaS products and custom software.

Our team of support engineers are dedicated to provide you the needed business IT support. Our engineers have been trained to support all business sizes and have the required levels of technical expertise.

IT Support for all Levels of Demand

Tier 1 Support

First point of call when users face challenges. Challenges resolved here are usually very routine and require not a lot of experience to resolve. Team members here can usually solve the challenges by following a set of standard operating procedures.

Tier 2 Support

Members of the tier two support team have a deep understanding of the organization’s systems, processes and architecture. The tier two team members have enough skill, training, expertise and experience to resolve more complex user challenges.

Tier 3 Support

This level of support includes members that are engineers (software, networking), systems designers and architects, creators, programmers, etc. Basically, experts and specialists in relevant fields. These experts have access to the highest levels of company information. And only come in when the logged user challenge requires a change to product structure or design. These changes/fixes come in the form of software/product updates.

Featured Services

Onsite & Remote IT Support

Experience seamless IT support wherever you are, with our extensive onsite and remote solutions.

24/7/365 Service Desk

Get round-the-clock support and immediate assistance with our reliable 24/7/365 service desk.

IT Infrastructure Support Services

Ensure the smooth functioning of your IT infrastructure with our all-inclusive support services.

Business Process Support

Elevate your business efficiency and productivity with our expert business process support.

IT Procurement & Supply

Simplify your IT procurement and supply chain with our streamlined solutions for efficient sourcing and delivery.

Application Support & management

Maximize the performance and reliability of your applications with our dedicated support and efficient management solutions.

IT Solutions for Oil & Gas

Empower your oil & gas operations with tailored IT solutions designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and productivity.

Data Center Support Services

Ensure the reliability and security of your data center operations with our comprehensive support services.

Collaboration and Productivity

Transform your team's collaboration and boost productivity with our innovative solutions and tools.

Systems Maintenance Services

Keep your systems running smoothly and minimize downtime with our comprehensive maintenance services.

IT Network Support service

Ensure seamless connectivity and efficient network operations with our expert IT network support service.

Preventive maintenance Services

Stay ahead of potential issues and optimize system performance with our proactive preventive maintenance services.

Why partner with Liranz?


Service performance targets


Liranz Support Goes Beyond Break-and-Fix to delivery a more robust and proactive service.

Experience, expertise and passion are the factors that make our service unique in this space. We have been in this space for 10+ years and have had the privilege to serve  numerous clients.

These factors all put together has equipped us with the needed understanding of what organizations need to run core business mandates more reliably. 

Our proactive service delivery model ensures that we always on top of your IT needs and requirements. We have had years to build up on our processes and methods to ensure client satisfaction and return on investment. 



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Benefits We Bring With Us

Cost Control

Maintaining operational efficiency for your business while minimizing infrastructure and operational expenses.


Having the assurance that your team receives support even when they work outside regular office hours.

Reliable Expertise

Ensuring the availability of appropriate escalation channels and having expert resources readily available to address more significant issues.


Being assured that both your personnel and systems can function securely without the apprehension of being targeted.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we reach you?

You can complete the "Get In Touch" form on our page and our team will reach out to you.

Alternatively, you can reach out to us through our email, ( | or through our office phone (+233 30 281 9375)

Do you serve SME's as well?

Yes, Liranz has a dedication to service. We offer our services to every organization.

My Organization needs IT Support, but not everyday. How can you hep?

Our Service delivery and pricing models are tailored to suit your specific needs and requirements. We are flexible enough to accommodate the uniqueness of your demands. 

In what other ways can you help since we have inhouse IT Support?

Liranz is more than just a support company. As part of our goals, we have the need to help organizations realize the true value of technology to their business. We look forward to better and augment your existing technology.

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