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With the surge in pressure to deliver various and adverse objectives such as absurd customer service and increased cost, businesses look for new options to handle the complication, and our supply chain Services helps to solve this problem.

At Liranz, our supply chain management services help in segmenting your business supply chain, enable flexibility, and ascertain transparency as we are aware that the supply chain of an organization determines its growth.

Supply Chain Management affects product and service quality, delivery, costs, profitability, as well as customers experience if not guided well. We apply effective services of Supply Chain Management which helps to minimize cost and time in the production cycle. Our company’s aim is to provide Supply Chain Management Services by minimizing system wide-cost.


What we can supply

  • Computers – desktop pcs, Macs, laptops, notebooks, iPads and monitors, as well as servers and backup and storage solutions
  • Networking – cloud and hybrid solutions, wired and wireless, switches, routers, leased lines and broadband
  • Communications – telephone systems, VoIP handsets and accessories, mobile devices and smart phones
  • Printers, keyboards, mice, scanners and other peripherals
  • Operating systems and server applications
  • Business and productivity suites such as Office 365 and Microsoft Teams
  • Anti-virus, anti-spam & security solutions
  • Business continuity & data backup protection

We only partner with the best


Why choose Liranz for IT procurement?

Technology that doesn’t drive you towards your objectives is always a waste of money, no matter what your discount is. It is critical to achieving success that you team up with the right IT procurement service partner. This is why we think we stand out:

Experts in IT & communications

We provide IT solutions and broadband, telephony and mobility solutions, all under one roof – meaning there’s no scope for problems hiding in the gaps between different suppliers.

Full support

We provide unparalleled levels of support both during and after procurement. We’re always on hand to offer genuine, broad technical knowledge, however much or little of it you need.

A Personal Service

We’ll get to know you on a personal level – it’s what we pride ourselves on. When we know your systems, we can identify the best options faster. It also means we can optionally prepare new computers before they arrive on site, ready to be used when they land on the desk.

Flexible Finance Option

We know that investment and replacement of equipment often needs to happen at a time when it’s not the most convenient financially. For that reason we have a range of flexible finance and leasing options, with one that’s sure to suit your situation.

We Build Strong Vendor Relationships

With their minds on other things, we know our customers often can’t see the wood for the trees – so they always need a vendor who can determine the tree behind the wood.

We take a step back and approach the situation from a neutral stance, we as a vendor-agnostic consultant can assess the full marketplace and tailor the solution to the company’s needs, rather than leading blindly with a fixed, target-driven product.

We partner with almost all major software Providers

Some Additional IT Procurement Services We can Help With


  • Vendor-Agnostic Approach
  • Pre-sales Technical Consulting
  • Software Acquisition & Deployment
  • Licence Management & Renewals
  • Hardware Acquisition Services

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