Auto Star


The Client is a Ghanaian Motoring company founded in 2014, which currently provides 24hr car breakdown services, motoring advice and other services.

Vehicle management and transportation is the area that the client is working with the requisite expertise, technical and managerial competences as well as resources to support companies, and the general public to keep motorists on the move.

In short the client is in the business of promoting a safe, responsible, and enhanced driving experience, throughout Ghana, for existing and future generations to come.

Information Technology Challenge


In its quest to meets its unique business objective of quick and prompt services to its client’s, the business entity felt the need for a robust and reliable communication system between itself and clients.

Upon further thoughts and outlook, no other technology solution came into mind other another than a modern call center equipped with the state of technology.

Since the founders of the company were domiciled outside the country, another challenge was about finding a reliable partner who could design and build the call center in a record time.

Resolution Approach

When the client approached Liranz Limited with their challenges, Liranz responded in recorded time with a clearly designed and carefully documented solution to implementing the call center approach in record time and at minimal cost.

When the founders gave the green light, Liranz in collaboration with its technology partners, implemented and delivered the call center in record time. From design, to procurement, to site preparation, structured cabling, to the final commissioning; Liranz made its mark in every component of the project.