Your business has outgrown the start-up phase and is ready for growth and Expansion. However, the competition is tough because you are spending more on technology but receiving little or no improvement in revenue. Your information technology Team has become an implementing team with little or no inputs to the company’s overall direction.

This an indication that your business needs a matured technology board to advise the board with regards to taking strategic decisions. Unlike our managed services or IT support services, our Virtual CIO Services is a c-suite service dedicated to senior and board-level leaders.

Our industry-experienced consultants will tailor a business strategy that supports your strategic business decision. Our Virtual CIO Services provides business leaders and owners with the needed IT guidance that will enable them to reap the greatest reward from technology.


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We are a Consultancy Company

In addition to our Virtual CIO Services, we are also a consultancy company. In addition to the strategic insights we offer you, we offer consultancy services for all recommended projects. We benchmark your IT decisions against those of your competitors to reveal it weaknesses and recommend the desired actions to keep ahead of the competition

Virtual CIO
Service Offerings

Our Virtual CIO services are well-packaged services that can be offered as a bundle or as a single service. The following some specific services that are on offer to our Clients

Strategic Business Assessment & Alignment

A major benefit of our virtual CIO services is to assess your business strategy first, then we peruse your IT strategy to see how well it aligns to goals and objectives of the business. With our deep industry insight, we tailor and custom build a strategy will serve a as a guide to achieve your business strategy.

Project Planning & Management

Whether it is a data center migration, looking to inplement an enterprise resource program, our a core business application, the major nightmare of business leaders is to how to plan and implement the solution at minimal cost to the business with a reduced downtime to the business.

Our CIOs put to bare their project management experience in planning, monitoring and evaluating the success of each project.

IT Strategy, Governance

Our Virtual CIO Services helps to establish IT goals, develop a strategy for meeting those goals, and ensure that IT investments meet business objectives. We provide you with requisite risk mitigation strategies to withstand your industry’s risk exposures. We provide accompanying financial estimates to every strategy we offer.

IT Due

Are you looking to recruit a high level IT staff?,

or looking to conduct a refresh of your IT hardware?,

Are you engaging 3rd party to outsource some of all your services to?  Our vCIO services offers guides to critically evaluate the capacities and suitablility of your technology investment. We conduct due diligence on the prospective staff or vendor and give indepent advise about the suitability of the staff.

What Makes our
vCIO a Superior Option

◎   Cross-Industry Experience
As a company that provides IT services to companies within various industries such as Law, Banking & Finance, Aviation, Energy, Oil and Gas, education, Healthcare, Insurance among the others, we show you how a drastic change in one industry ripples on your industry. Experience has revealed to us the no single industry is an island hence your Business strategy should be tailored with risks from other industries in mind. ◎ Business Leadership Experience

Our Team has a combined experience of about 100 years in diverse industries. Our team members have individually served as CFOs, CIOs, COOs, CTOs, Senior HR officers, Senior Marketing Officers, and others. Every strategic advice we offer our clients is scrutinized from the various functional business departments.

◎  A Full-Time Service for a Part-Time Cost

Chief Information Officers are technical people with the business exposure. Their service is required at the board and managerial level. Our Charges are very flexible and sometimes offered on Hourly basis. This makes businesses have access to the needed industry information at a very flexible cost.

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People and Change Consulting

One difficult task of CIO and CTO is the capacity to lead and manage change. Our experienced vCIOs mentor and empower young IT managers to lead and drive change. We help you improve your change capability to increase agility and ensure change program reaches succeful completion.



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