Have you been approaching your Business Strategy and IT/Technology strategy development as two different strategies? Why not consolidate both into one strategy?

Incorporating your IT Strategy into your Business strategy allows you to plan properly your organizations trajectory to align your IT Strategy with your Organization’s goals and objectives.

Planning is a critical element for business growth and development, it sets predefined routes that the organization must follow to attain its goals and objectives.

Although different in functionality, your business process, operational process, IT process, software processes, and other relevant processes are all interdependent on each other whiles heavily relying on a sound IT and Business Strategy.

Nicholas Bortey
Nicholas Bortey
National Partner
Industry Vertical Strategy & Growth

Our IT Strategy Services

We, Liranz Limited can help your business build a solid IT Strategy and Transformation plan that ties your IT Operations into your business strategy and restructures your IT Governance and Architecture to boost efficiency.

IT Architectural Design
IT Strategic Planning
Governance Model
Organizational Assessment

vCIO Services

Because technology is a key enabler to your business growth it is critical to have the right experts to advise on it and manage it. Our 24/7 around the clock vCIO service enables you to have access to a high-level IT leader assigned to your business.

Our vCIOs are very experienced with the right technical background across different industries and have advised many businesses on the right technologies to deploy in other to achieve their achieve business objectives.

Liranz IT Consulting

Business Capability
Gap Assessment

  • Assessing Opportunities
  • Identifying Pain Points
  • Conducting Benchmarking





  • Ideation and Advancement
  • Project Proposition
  • Service Arrangement



Project Establishment

  • An accurate project estimate
  • Progress Development
  • Project Commencement

Project Execution

  • Project Staff Acquisition
  • Advancement & Testing
  • Technologies

Communication Strategy

  • Service Interaction
  • Stakeholder Interaction

Operations Management

  • Project Delivery & Cooperation
  • Use Case Management
  • Efficiency Control

Analyze Business Strategy

  • Business Strategy Breakdown
  • Key Business Capability Map Creation
  • Business Ability Methodologies


A Solid Partner in Strategic IT Planning

After a careful assessment of your organisation, we help you put in place a technology roadmap that considers your organizations IT environment to plan toward the future. We help you put in place a sequence of processes that would allow your organization to maintain, substitute and bring up your technology levels to optimum levels. We help you prepare a well-documented stock of your current technology and put in place replacement strategies for what technology will be needed in the future.

Nicholas Bortey

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