Liranz Limited performed an IT Infrastructure Assessment and developed an IT Advancement Vision for an institute of education who is into research, policy dialogues on peace and security in Africa.

Information Technology Challenge

The institute was established in 2007 and has since being providing accredited education and professional training. Its outreach programme promotes the nature and application of African-led solutions in conflict prevention, management, and post-conflict reconstruction and development. It also conducts academic and applied research in the area of peace and security that takes into account the interaction between governance, human security, socio-economic development and sustainable peace.

With the unexpected Covid-19 pandemic, many institutions were forced to accelerate their digitization approach. With the shift to a more digitized and IT dependent operational model. The Client realized the positive aspects and opportunities that came along with it, especially in the areas of overhead costs reduction and greater reach. The same digital shift however revealed their limitations and challenges in the push for further digitization.

Liranz was tasked to conduct an IT-infrastructure assessment and to develop an IT-advancement vision, considering the institute’s needs and capacities and providing recommendations for the next steps in enhancing digitalization for the client.

Resolution Approach

The restrictions on travel due to the pandemic didn’t limit the level of commitment, professionalism and dedication that Liranz brings to all its projects.

Through a series of virtual meetings, interviews, and remote probing into their systems for a holistic assessment, Liranz was able to remotely perform a thorough assessment of the institute’s IT systems and infrastructure and is currently in the arduous task of developing an IT Advancement Vision for the Institute close the gaps between their current digital capabilities and the achievable level of their desire.