The Client is a not-for-profit organisation with the vision to create thriving African economies. Working in partnership with both private and public sector companies, the client more effectively identifies and tackles the challenges of doing business in Africa, delivering more impactful and cost-efficient solutions.

Services Delivered

  • Systems Administration

We provide systems administration services for their institution. Liranz Limited Manages their website as well as their core business application as well as its database management. We are basically involved in their core business operation since we manage the critical functionalities of their core systems.

  • User and Desktop Support.

Liranz Limited provides general end user and desktop/work station support for the entire Invest in Africa – Ghana organisation. The service is delivered in a blend of both remote and on site modes. This goes a long way to portray our flexibility and ability to adapt to our clients’ needs and requirements.

  • Website Revamp and Refresh.

Liranz Limited is spear heading the project to redesign and develop to improve on the functionality and aesthetics of their current website to conform to current technologies and trends.

  • IT Assets Management

Liranz Limited currently handles the IT assets management for the organisation. From providing preventive maintenance to facilitating repairs for devices Liranz limited have positioned themselves to be reliable.