New York University


The Client is the largest private American university by enrolment and was founded in 1831.As per their global program, they have degree granting campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai and Academic Centres in Accra and other European Cities. This program allows students from its other campuses an interdisciplinary approach to Africana studies, study global public health, and explore urban and metropolitan studies.

Services Provided

– IT Infrastructure Support and Procurement

With our wealth of experience in procurement processes and policies as well as our ability to provide infrastructural solutions to our clients. We have performed in this capacity for NYU Accra for as long as they have been our clients. From desktop computers to UPS units and video conferencing and collaboration solutions, we have been able to meet all their IT infrastructural needs and requirements.

– User and Workstation Support

We also provide end user and workstation support for the whole academic centre. From students to faculty members as well as administration staff, we support their everyday IT use and ensure that all IT relates assets are in optimum use conditions.

– Third Party Vendor Management and Coordination

Liranz also performs vendor management obligations for NYU Accra Academic Centre for auxiliary IT service vendors like their vendor for their internet service as well as CCTV security vendors. We serve as the middle ground for the vendors and NYU Accra.