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We provide tailored communication solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Partnered with all the Top Brands in Communication and Collaboration, we assure the best experience and ROI on our Communications and Collaboration Solutions. Our bespoke solutions will solve your specific challenge and problems.

Connectivity & Internet
Enjoy faster connectivity with our range of cost effective business-grade internet and connectivity solutions.


Microsoft Teams Phone System
Consolidate your internal and external communications together using our Microsoft Teams Solution


Phone Systems
We supply and install and deploy all inclusive VoIP and unified communication solutions.

Phone Services
Business communications are vital to business success. We offer an extensive range of high quality phone services to meet this need.

Audio & Video Conferencing
We offer audio and video conferencing solutions for all level of need and requirement.


We have cost-effective contracts, plans and supporting services for business mobiles across all services.

Why choose Liranz?

Partnered with Top Brands In Communication  and Collaboration

Liranz is partnered with all the brands that will ensure that all solutions deployed will be running on top of the shelf hardware and services. Logitech, Cisco, Avaya, GrandStream are all brands Liranz is partnered with. Quality, top tier user experience and cost effectiveness is a given.


Numerous Successful
Solution Deployments

We have a lot of satisfied clients for this service. Since we perform a whole assessment before solutions design, it ensures that all deployments are bespoke and are answers to the needs that need to be filled. We always make provision for future upscaling as well making our deployments future proof.

Shot of a group of businesspeople discussing something on a laptop

"Liranz is the best IT consultancy company in Ghana. I am very impressed with the efficiency of Mr. Nicholas and his team. They are very professional and always available when I need them. They are also very affordable given
their high-quality IT consultancy services. I would definitely recommend them for anything related to IT projects in Africa"

Head - SCM, BlacknGreen Mobile Solutions

Why work with us

Improved User Acceptance

Improved user acceptance leads to higher productivity and efficiency making users more comfortable with technology and more likely to adopt new systems and tools.

Upscaling Ready

It ensures consistency in operations, reduces the risk of errors, and enables efficient use of resources. With a proven framework in place, teams can focus on improving their performance rather than reinventing the wheel.

Unparalleled support

Support has always been part of our service lines. Liranz never deploys or implements a solution or completes a project and leaves without a form of extended support.

Reduced Costs

We have a transparent pricing model that doesn't involve any hidden costs. Additionally, our strong relationships with telephony and IT vendors allow us to offer you the entire package and pass on cost benefits to you.

Reduced Strain on IT

Reduced strain on IT can lead to increased efficiency and productivity. By streamlining communications channels, effective business flow will occur.

Tailored solutions

Liranz doesn't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We take the time to understand your business's unique requirements and customize our communication services and solutions to meet them.


You will find yourself working in a true partnership that results in an incredible experience, and an end product that is better than you ever imagined.

Discover more ways we can help with your business communications

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  • Digital Transformation
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