At first glance, most People are tempted to assume that “managed services” is just another name for technology outsourcing, especially since the latter can be very confusing.

IT Outsourcing includes handing out discrete services that are responsible for narrowly defined business processes. Some of these might include; a tier-1 helpdesk, someone to take care of a non-IT task like data entry or document scanning. When you outsource, you pick specific services and ask an external company to help address specific business needs.

MANAGED SERVICES takes a holistic approach to providing excellence in technology services. As a managed service provider we offer a comprehensive range of technology services within one or many technology domains.

We are a large team of skilled IT professionals creating a superior end-user experience by providing strategic and operational support and enhancements for a wide range of IT applications and services.

We are an IT Support Company

We have provided IT support services to local and multination companies for the past 10 years. Focus on growing your business and we’ll manage and develop your technology. We understand that no two businesses are the same because every organization has different goals, different requirements, and therefore different expectations.

We are a team of support engineers dedicated to providing you with the needed business IT support. Our engineers have been trained to support all business sizes and have the required levels of technical expertise. We have a service desk that is active and responsive 24/7, 365 days a year.

IT Evaluation

We are an Award Winning Company

Irrespective of your industry, you need a reliable IT solutions provider to connect your people, customers, and stakeholders.

While you focus on growing your business, we stay at night to research the latest trend and technologies in your industry. Liranz Limited is an award-winning IT consulting firm recognized by the Ghana Information Technology Awards for 3 consecutive times and the Invest In Africa as a the Business Innovation of the Year.

We have partnerships with several vendors to ensure you receive the right IT solutions that are secure, reliable, and cost-effective.

Message from our CEO.

Do you know the technology tolls of your trade?

Be An Industry Leader: We have the tools for everybody

Every industry has its unique operating protocols and workflows. From your core business application to the supporting infrastructure,
we have tailored solutions for you. We also support your end devices and productivity software as well.

We ensure that your IT solutions always meet your industry specifications.
We have supported the following industries and have an appetite to support other emerging industries as well.

Every industry has its unique operating protocols and workflows. From your core business application to the supporting infrastructure, we have tailored solutions for you. We also support your end devices and productivity software as well.

Retail & Supermarkets
With our applications support and management service, we seek to optimize, update, maintain, and monitor all aspects of your organization’s core applications.


From order processing to queue management and order serving and delivery; we have the appropriate tools to help you deliver value to your customers.


Products & Manufacturing

Designing, prototyping and process automation has been our mainstay for the past Eight Years.

Expedite your production process using Artificial intelligence and data analytics tools.

Hotels & Guest Management

From check-in to check-out, we have a robust solution that gives your guest and unforgettable experience in your facility. We have expertise in Hotel Cards and billing software, Hotel Staff Management, and others

From online to the shop floor, we have the tools to modernize your shopping experience to deliver a superior shopping experience, minimizing waiting time and enhancing stock management and reconciliation.

We Simplify your IT Procurement Process

The major expenditure items of IT budgets is geared towards maintaining existing infrastructure with little focus on core IT operations. What if you have a single company that can help draw a single budget that covers your IT infrastructure and IT operations.

Our team technology and procurement experts with deep industry knowledge and can guide you to the best solution that scales as your business grows. We guide you make smarter IT investments by driving resources out of managing today, freeing your business to move further, faster.


We Support Your Remote Workers (Mobility)

The modern workplace is all about mobility; mobility is about supporting your people where they are whiles giving them the needed IT infrastructure to do exactly what the company requires from them.

With the advent of BYOD strategies, businesses are required secure their fleet of business devices at both the device and data levels. We provide organizations with solutions to secure their applications, configuring, and enforcing passwords.

We work with our partners to monitor clients' network connections and content in real time and identify anomalies to ensure any malicious activity is proactively blocked. Combined, you get a holistic, multi-level security solution.


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We let our actions speak for us.

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