With most of the organizations jumping aboard the business process outsourcing service train, do not be left behind. Top organizations across the world have begun turning to business process outsourcing service providers as the benefits are too glaring to ignore. Liranz provides you with support for your business that increases efficiency across your whole organization. Out business process outsourcing services allow your organization to;

  • Build a top-tier workforce that is solely focused on efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce and control costs due to our competitive pricing models.
  • Improve your organization’s business processes by optimizing available resources and streamlining the existing technologies.
  • Strengthen customer relationships with great communication and positive client interactions
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Our Business Process Support offers the following


Technical Support

Technology, being the driving force of innovation and efficiency, always need to be managed and supported if organizations should see substantial growth. Liranz, as part of our business process outsourcing service provides technical field management services to organizations to ensure that their technology is in the best possible state to support core process. You can have a highly trained IT specialist at your locations and on demand.

Business Support

Take advantage of our Business support services to build more streamlined, effective and efficient business workflow processes related to your day to day operations. From virtual assistance for online queries, alert monitoring, digital presence management and website management, we provide the best possible solutions on the market.


Customer Support

Make use of our business process outsourcing service to improve on communication with your end-users and customers. Whether through email, voice, web or real-time chat, you can rest assured that your customer experience ratings will shoot through the roof.

With Liranz as your Business Process outsourcing partner, you can expand your operations from regular times to a 24/7 business model.

With a support specialist always on hand, customer and employee needs and requests don’t have to stop coming through. We can even go the extra mile of implementing automated processes as well. This allows for a dynamic and augmented customer experience. This also allows you free up human resources to allows more focus on other core business processes.

Infrastructure & Communications

Our IT infrastructure management strategy and solutions has helped companies to make themselves more effective by realigning technology to their business goals to improve the overall customer experience.


We are constantly improving and innovating ways of delivering value to our customers. Our IT consulting services will help you choose the right technologies that suit your business and set a clear roadmap on implementation strategy, and as well help you with implementation.